[ECOS] A couple of useful discoveries about my build problems

Lewin A.R.W. Edwards larwe@larwe.com
Sun Dec 3 07:08:00 GMT 2000

Hi people,

My hardware arrived the other day, and I've been working more intensively 
on my eCos. I've discovered a couple of useful things. They're of little 
interest to experts on the bleeding edge, but they could be useful to other 
new users:

1. It is definitely not possible to install networking automatically using 
the Win32 configuration tool. However I've confirmed what I mentioned as a 
possibility earlier: if you manually install (gunzip and untar the .epk, 
then cut and paste the information in pkgadd.db into packages.txt and move 
the net directory into your eCos repository), all is well. Booty!

2. Some of the tests for the Cirrus EDB7212 are (1.3.1) broken. Probably 
not important, the one I noticed breaking was an audio test.

3. I reinstalled Linux on the machine I had been using to try builds 
earlier, and this time around I notice that Linux only recognizes 16Mb RAM 
on that system (it has 128Mb, but it also has an ISA SCSI card in it 
*shrug*). This may well have been the cause of my earlier random toolchain 
build problems; they may have been failing when I had more xterms open or 
something of the sort. I suppose most people using Linux host would 
probably have an existing properly configured Linux installation, rather 
than my case where I am installing 'quick and dirty' specifically for eCos, 
but this issue _might_ be worth a mention in online docs.

Thanks for the help I have received so far - now that I have real hardware 
to try porting my code, I expect I will be asking many more questions :)
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