[ECOS] ethernet support in ecos

Narayanan, Anita (CTS) Nanita@DBSS.COM
Sat Dec 2 03:38:00 GMT 2000


I have a problem regarding the ethernet support in ecos. 

Currently we are debugging via a serial link, the target being i386 PC
Instead of having 2 pc's always connected together via a serial link for
debugging we feel it is better to go in for the tcp/ip option. 

For this we have, 
1)have downloaded and added the package for the networking support.
2)have downloaded the ethernet driver (written by Fabrice Gautier)  "eCos
i82559 (intel Pro100) ethernet driver for i386pc platform"

Note: ethernet card being used is "Intel 8255x-based Integrated fast

However, even after adding these packages the option 
"Intel PRO/100+ ethernet driver" doesn't get enabled in the ecos
configuration tool.

( there is a dependency on CYGPKG_IP_ETH_DRIVERS macro)

Can you kindly help in this matter?

Pls respond.

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