[ECOS] DBG Serial Init Problem with MBX based code

Ross Wightman rpw@velvet.microplex.com
Thu Aug 31 12:28:00 GMT 2000

Yup, it worked. The serial port gets initialized and GDB can communicate
with the board. Now I'm having issues loading programs onto the board. No
matter what baud rate I use (even slowing it to 9600) the program download
process downloads the vectors at a good rate, then when it gets to .text
the download goes up in increments of 512bytes about every 30 seconds with
lots of packet error warnings in the gdb console. Sigh, the fun never

(Btw sorry bout not replying to the thread, but that doesn't seem to work)

Jesper Skov <jskov@redhat.com> wrote in message
news:8oib37$3fv$1@velvet.microplex.com ...
> >>>>> "Ross" == Ross Wightman <rpw@velvet.microplex.com> writes:
> Ross> This problem would be easy to "hack" fix. However, I would like
> Ross> some insight into why this is setup as is (if it should be?) and
> Ross> what a good fix would entail.
> I think something like the below is what we want. Could you please see
> if it fixes your problem - if so, I will commit it.
> Ta,
> Jesper

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