[ECOS] CS8900A]

Gary Thomas gthomas@redhat.com
Thu Aug 31 04:37:00 GMT 2000

This chip does not "know" its ESA (Etherenet Station Address) by default.
It has to be programmed in.  

If you're building/designing the board yourself, you'll need to get one
from the appropriate authorities.  Or, if the board will never see the
"real" internet, just make one up.

On 31-Aug-2000 Andrew Lunn wrote:
>> I have just got ecos running on my own design board using the AT91M40400
>> ARM processor. I have included  CS8900A ethernet chip and I was wondering
>> if anyone knows how to find it's MAC address. We need to add it to the
>> dhcp server before it is allowed to use the network here.
>> thanks
> Start it up so it makes a DHCP request. Use tcpdump to watch for the
> packet. There is a parameter you can pass to make it print the link
> level headers, ie the mac address. It will use the ip address
> which should make it easier to spot.
> Another option could be to look at the DHCP server. If it gets a
> request from a machine it does not know the mac address of it may
> print an error message with the MAC address.
>         Andrew

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