[ECOS] how to run the program

Andreas.Karlsson@combitechsystems.com Andreas.Karlsson@combitechsystems.com
Thu Aug 31 01:49:00 GMT 2000

Jonathan> Then follow the same procedure you used to program the GDB

Jonathan> stubs images into flash.

>Unfortunately it's a bit of a fiddle to program the flash on the

>AEB. And as far as I remember it's not very big.

256K I think.

>Anyway, you need to make a wrapper file which adds the necessary flash

>identification magic - just as is done for the stubs, indeed. But you

>need to change the name used in the wrapper, just as you have to add

>build rules to execute the same commands as is used when producing the

>stubs image.


>See the CDL file - it contains all the details.

Which CDL file hal_arm_aeb.cdl? 

This can't be the first time. Anyone out there who have done this and want
to share experiences? Why inventing the wheel twice?

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