[ECOS] Re: eCos PCI problem and NEC vrc4373 build option.

Alfredo Knecht aknecht@cimsi.cim.ch
Wed Aug 30 16:38:00 GMT 2000

Dear list,

Jonathan, do you really mean that redhat is actually maintaining two
separate threads of gdd/gdb/ecos, and that the one we're sweating on (I
myself for one) is just some sort of bait?
And all this in the name of the sacred open source, the plan being to get
us hooked on the light and buggy weed, then sell us the harder stuff for
real cash?
This is an interesting business model indeed, and reminds me of another one.
So, if I understand it right, the purpose of the open-source part including
this list is to bring us to the point where we say "now that the project is
late, we went this far, and invested all this time on that ecos thing,
there is no alternative left" ...as to plunk down a lot of good money to
get what was there all the time in the first place, namely the various
shrink-wrapped products like VxWorks, Psos, QNX, and the like?

Or am I missing something eye-opening?

Regards, Alfredo

At 23:58 30.08.00 +0100, you wrote:
>Ling Su wrote:
>> Could you please tell me what snapshot you exactly use for free, or I need
>> to pay some money for the answer? :-)
>We have our own commerically supported and verified versions of gcc/gdb
>> Another question I have is, is there any documents on what improvement has
>> been done on a specific platform (like NECvrc4373)? I checked the NEWS in
>> the new cvs release, it doesn't give me a clear idea on what exact will
>> appear on the vrc4373 platform. For example, the Redboot can not be applied
>> now on vrc4373. How about the network support for vrc4373 then? It does
>> a DEC ethernet chip on PCI bus.
>Not on the roadmap yet - no-one is paying us to work on it, and as far as I
>know, no-one on the net is doing anything.
>So the only things in the NEWS file of relevance to the vrc4373 are the
>generic items. But there's still quite a lot of those!
>> BTW, I remeber I asked you another question last time,  if I plug a PCI
>> in one of the PCI slots, why the pci1.exe test program can not find it and
>> display some Vendor information, I tried the code you send to me, it
>> work, either. Any clue?
>Ah, I sent you a reply but the list wasn't CC'd. Whatever.
>> I do want to pay something for a technical support, but I just wonder if
>> support quality can compare with the experts as you on the list. :)
>Hah. Well, for a start I would answer all your mails rather than sometimes
>not having time and leaving them. And we'd give you tools certified to work
>with eCos so these problems would have been behind you ages ago!
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