[ECOS] Fw: [ECOS] diag serial port and debug serial port conflict?

Ling Su lingsu@palmmicro.com
Wed Aug 30 10:05:00 GMT 2000

I met the same problem as descriped in following message, and I tried what
Nick siad, actually I doubled the ZDEL, the result is the same. Any
suggestion? Thanks!


> "Charles F." <charles@> writes:
> > I am sure they are initialized to the same speed. Yesterday I tried to
> > non-optimization setting (delete the -O2 switch in general build
> > to compile ecos and it works! I guess there is something wrong with the
> > optimized serial port intialization code. I have experience porting
WinCE to
> > 4373 board and once I met this kind of problem too. Am I right?
> This raises one possibility:
> The HAL_DUART_WRITE_CR() macro contains a delay loop that is used to
> keep the Z8530 happy. It looks like with -O2 this loop maybe being
> eliminated or optimized so it is too short. However, exactly the same
> code appears in the initialization for the stubs, and GCC shouldn't
> eliminate such loops. So it is not at all clear what the difference
> here is.
> I have just compiled this code with -O2 and it seems to keep the delay
> loop intact. Maybe your board has a faster CPU? The code is currently
> set up for a 133MHz part. Try changing the value of ZDEL in
> plf_z8530.h to something greater (and compiling with -O2) and see if
> that makes a difference.
> --
> Nick Garnett, eCos Kernel Architect
> Red Hat, Cambridge, UK

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