[ECOS] Several questions on the newest CVS release.

Ling Su lingsu@palmmicro.com
Tue Aug 29 10:03:00 GMT 2000

> > <2>. I am using PCI bus on the NECvrc4373, and I met a SIGBUS error
> > the configuration phase in 1.3.1 release, and I post a message, but
> > answered me. This time, I found I cannot apply PCI library in NECvrc4373
> > template or PC target template, it also popup a dialog box to let me
> > another template. I found supposelly the PCI bus should be supported on
> > NECvrc4373 board for eCos, is that correct. At least it is support in
> > although it doesn't work properly on my board.
> It works for me with the anon CVS sources. Did you remember to update your
> host tools? If not, visit http://sources.redhat.com/ecos/anoncvs.html for
> details.

I use the prebuild configtool.exe, is that correct? Need I rebuild
the host tools from source?


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