[ECOS] RE: EP7212 I2S audio demo i2s_audio_fiq.S

AshCan@aol.com AshCan@aol.com
Sat Aug 26 21:17:00 GMT 2000

>  Curious, your crashes may come from the extraneous bits.  However, I 
> purposefully
>  left out those four bits, just so the underrun conditions could be 
detected (
> for
>  diagnostic purposes).  I'd suspect that this would work just as well as 
> change:
>       ldr r10,=0x0F0F

I tried your suggestion of 0x0F0F and the crashing occured again since once 
an underrun occured, it was latched forever and you just keep reentering the 
ISR since the underrun condition bit is not being cleared.  

The chance of an underrun occuring is certain when I use diag_printf while 
the DAC is playing.  Now that I clear the underrun bits, I can use 

Also, the EP7212 just repeats writing the last left and right samples if an 
underrun occurs.  For some applications this may be a problem, but to playing 
sotred music or streaming audio, it is not. 

>  Note: this code is really just for demonstration purposes.  It's not 
> supported 
>  and may contain errors.  That said, of course we are always interested in 
> feedback
>  and comments such as these.

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