[ECOS] IRQs mapping in PC platform

Boris V. Guzhov borg@int.spb.ru
Fri Aug 25 01:10:00 GMT 2000

> > > For cyg_drv_interrupt_mask() is similarly.
> I would like to disagree with this last remark about  the mask function.
> you meant similarly as: "mask IRQ2 when maksing irq 8 or above" that
> I think, mean that all IRQs above 8 are masked when we mask an IRQ above

Yes, that's right.

> More generally I think that IRQ 2 should never be masked unless
> intentionnaly with the cyg_interrupt_mask. If it was the case, then mask
> unmask function should have worked correctly.
> And I think too that IRQ2 should be unmasked at PIC initialisation.
> Anyway it is still a good idea to unmask IRQ2 when unmasking an IRQ above
 > Thanks
> --
> Fabrice Gautier
> fabrice_gautier@sdesigns.com

Boris Guzhov,
St.Petersburg, Russia

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