[ECOS] make a program run at powerup on CL_PS7111 board with

Gary Thomas gthomas@redhat.com
Thu Aug 24 08:09:00 GMT 2000

On 24-Aug-2000 Jonathan Larmour wrote:
>> 3) If I want to have a program (my application) run automatically when the
>> CL_PS7111 is turn on,
>>   a) does it mean that I have to build the application and then link it
>> with eCos?
> Yes.
>>   b) if it is, what are steps that I should do?
> Choosing ROM startup for your application (in the Cirrus Logic HAL
> configuration options in the configuration tool) is the key thing.

Don't forget that this CPU requires a "wakeup" signal (interrupt, button, ??).
When the CPU comes out of reset, it waits for the "wakeup" signal to actually
start it up.  On the Cirrus Logic evaluation boards, this signal comes from
a push-button.  On a PDA, for example, it might come from opening the lid.

eCos is certainly capable of handling "startup from ROM" applications. But
the application designer will have to solve the problem of awakening the CPU.

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