[ECOS] make a program run at powerup on CL_PS7111 board with eCos

Vu Dang dangvu@amoret.seas.ucla.edu
Mon Aug 21 23:05:00 GMT 2000

Hi there,

I have a few question related to eCos:

1) How could I change CYGHWR_HAL_ARM_EDBXXX_VARIANT from the EP7211 to the
CL_PS&111 using eCos configuration tool? I couldn't find the "cirrus Logic
processor variant" option.

2) After I finish with configuring eCos, if I download, for example,
gdb_module.bin onto the Flash, 

  a) what are the differences compared to the case the target board have a
prebuilt gbd stub (which comes with eCos) on it?

  b) does it mean that I have a full eCos on my development board (an OS)?

3) If I want to have a program (my application) run automatically when the
CL_PS7111 is turn on,
  a) does it mean that I have to build the application and then link it
with eCos?

  b) if it is, what are steps that I should do?

 I'm very appreciated if you can give the answers or suggestions on these


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