[ECOS] Inside eCos : the new operator

Fabrice Gautier Fabrice_Gautier@sdesigns.com
Mon Aug 21 18:48:00 GMT 2000

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> From: Bart Veer [ mailto:bartv@redhat.com ]
> Subject: Re: [ECOS] Inside eCos : the new operator
> The invocation of the new() operator involves C++ 
> placement syntax,
> which is just part of the standard language.
> If the code looks something like:
>     Object* ptr = new Object(arg1, arg2);
> then this invokes the default new operator, which will perform dynamic
> memory allocation - I suspect it would end up calling malloc(), but
> have not checked this.

In this case, I suspect this will fail if the libc is not compiled as a part
of eCos. In another message you mentionned the fact that eCos was not
written with dynamic allocation in mind so I wonder how it handle a
"dynamic" new operator. Does/Can it uses memory pools? 

> [...]
> I am not sure what gcc patch you are referring to.

The one I had to apply when building the gnu toolchain for eCos (as refered
in the eCos installation documentation)


Fabrice Gautier

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