[ECOS] Re: telnet

Joerg Troeger jtroeger@nortelnetworks.com
Mon Aug 21 05:33:00 GMT 2000

From: Gary Thomas <gthomas@redhat.com>
> On 21-Aug-2000 Joerg Troeger wrote:
> > Is there a hope for getting telnet access also in the short future?
> >
> Exactly what would you use 'telnet' access for?  Since telnet is used
> for interactive connections to a "host", it doesn't seem to have a lot
> of application here.


our embedded system will be the "host".

In our embedded system we need:
- TCP/IP access for the application
- DHCP for diskless system comeup/software verification and update mechanism
- SNMP for management support from the customers network admin
- telnet access for special vendor configuration, debug & support purposes.

Our lab-system has a serial interface, which offers some special powerful
builtin "shell commands". This serial interface will vanish in the release
therefore thecommands should be available via telnet also. It gives us the
opportunity to have a close look at our system via remote access.
"Telnet access" means network files for stdin & stdout, a network tty or
something else.

This sort of telnet access seems to be widely spread to network-aware
embedded systems.

Should we spent effort in implement telnet support by ourselves (this seems
stupid if redhat is doing the same)?

Jörg Tröger

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