[ECOS] net and ecos cvs

Hugo 'NOx' Tyson hmt@cygnus.co.ukx
Wed Aug 16 05:30:00 GMT 2000

Carl van Schaik <carl@leg.uct.ac.za> writes:

> Hi
> I'm designing a board using the CS8900A ethernet chip. The setup is much
> the same as the edb7xxx boards.
> It seems that the if_edb7xxx.c file is out of sync with the net code.
> I have got todays CVS versions of ecos and net.
> /usr/local/ecos/ecos-1.3.1/packages/devs/eth/arm/venus/current/src/if_venus.c:96:
> macro `ETH_DRV_SC' used with only 9 args
> it seems that an extra function "poll" was added. Has anyone written a
> "poll" function for the edb7xxx so I can update my sources?

Well yes, I guess we have.  But if you just want to get it working, put in
a dummy that does nothing; it shouldn't be called in normal use by eCos'
TCPIP stack.

(It's used to use the driver in a polled mode for debug stubs, with no
interrupts.  Like, you call send, then repeatedly poll until you're done,
and call it from time to time in idle time &c, instead of interrupts).

	- Huge

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