[ECOS] EDB/EP7212 internal SRAM - only 4K of 37.5K seems usable

AshCan@aol.com AshCan@aol.com
Tue Aug 15 23:41:00 GMT 2000

I am using an eCOS build for the Cirrus EP7212 development board.  I need to 
use the internal SRAM for some time critical data and in my old environment, 
which is non OS, all 37.5KBytes were available.  

With eCOS, I noticed my code did not work and so I wrote a program to write 
sequentially and read back the internal SRAM (virtual and actual adr = 
0x60000000).  I am only able to read back the first 4KBytes back as if the 
remaining 33.5KBytes were not there.  For now I am placing this data in DRAM, 
but need to use internal SRAM eventually.

I started looking into possible MMU settings in the HAL include files and 
memory map configuration files, but I was getting lost, being new to eCOS.  

1) I was hoping someone here had an easy answer to what is going on and why.

2) Also, how can I read the MMU registers to see what is in there.

thank you,

Dan Ash
Consultant for SonicBox

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