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Michael Rapoport michael_r@rad.co.il
Tue Aug 8 09:49:00 GMT 2000


I'd like to clarify the following:
1. What does it mean - 

"the NEC VR4300 is an implementation of
the 64-bit R4000 architecture (although the eCos port only uses it in
32-bit mode)"

If I understand correctly, the available port is done only for the 32-bit
mode of the MIPS CPU.

If we need the 64-bit implementation in the eCos, compiler and debugger -
what should we do ???

We are very new to the eCos and free s/w - every piece of information will
be appreciated.

Thank you very much,
Michael Rapoport.

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>Subject: Re: [ECOS] IDT MIPS support
>Date: Mon, 7 Aug 2000 13:04:27 +0100
>From: Bart Veer <bartv@redhat.com>
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>>>>>> "Uri" == Uri Shabi <uri_s@rad.co.il> writes:
>    Uri> I'm considering to use ecos with IDT MIPS 64474/5 , Does
>    Uri> anyone is implementing/aware of such support.
>I am not aware of any ports in progress to this MIPS variant.
>    Uri> If this is not available can anyone comment on modifing other
>    Uri> MIPS (NEC/Toshiba) to support the IDT?
>I have not looked at the IDT parts. The TX39 is an implementation of
>the 32-bit R3000 architecture, the NEC VR4300 is an implementation of
>the 64-bit R4000 architecture (although the eCos port only uses it in
>32-bit mode), so two of the main MIPS variants are already covered.
>If the IDT part corresponds to one of these then a port should be
>fairly straightforward.
>There is no MIPS16 or 64-bit support in eCos yet, nor any port to a
>MIPS IV implementation. If you need any of these then a port would
>involve significantly more effort.
>You also need to take into account the effort that will be needed for
>a board port to whatever hardware you intend to use, plus any device
>drivers that may be needed.
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