[ECOS] New to eCos environment

D.S.Phani Kumar phani.kumar@wipro.com
Mon Aug 7 01:25:00 GMT 2000

Hello All,
I am new to the eCos environment. I have just 
completed reading the basics of eCos. Now I am planning to port 
the eCos to a processor (decided by my boss). Now I have following 
1) Is there any restriction on the environment 
to develop the eCos for the particular processor. Is it ok if I have Windows 
2) What are the mandatory tools (minimum set) 
required to start with? One of my friend told me that I require GCC, binutils, 
GDB etc etc. I want to know what tools (like GCC, GDB etc etc) without which I 
can not continue.
3) Is there any local dealer in Bangalore - India 
from whom I can buy the source files (in the CD format). My boss has the CD but 
the version is 1.2.1
4) If I start developing with the version 1.2.1, is 
it compatible with the latest version. (I heard that the latest version is 
5) Is there any material / website for a fresher 
like me!!!
with best Regards, D.S.Phani 
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