[ECOS] ATMEL AT91M40807 port

Carl van Schaik carl@leg.uct.ac.za
Thu Aug 3 14:04:00 GMT 2000


I have already got a port of eCos running on the EB01 with the AT91M40400
The only thing I need is some insight into a timer/interupts/usart bug
that sometimes locks the system. I now have the beginings of and ICE so
hopefully I can findout more about what is happening.

> I just want to let people know that Ikendi (www.ikendi.de) are working with
> the ATMEL AT91M40807 and would like to announce that they hope to make
> their eCos port available publically so that someone should easily be able
> to use their work to complete a port to the EB01 evaluation board. They
> estimate they should have something available in the region of 6 weeks time
> - although obviously this isn't a commitment! :-)
> At this time, Red Hat don't have any EB01's, so at this stage we would not
> be able to complete the port. As such, I think this would be an excellent
> opportunity for someone on the net.
> Many thanks to Ikendi for offering their contribution for everyone's
> benefit.
> Jifl
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