[ECOS] Waitin Thread to finish

Fabrice Gautier Fabrice_Gautier@sdesigns.com
Thu Aug 3 11:08:00 GMT 2000


There is no function in the C API to wait for a thread to finish.

What is the way to do so? 

I'm trying by polling the thread state, with a C API function like this:

externC cyg_uint32 cyg_thread_get_state(cyg_handle_t thread)
    return ((Cyg_Thread *)thread)->get_state();

But I will have a problem in many case:
- If the thread is not only exited but deleted, I will have a NULL pointer
somewhere. (but where?)
- If another thread, with the same handle, is created before I get a chance
to get the thread, I won't have seen the thread end.



Fabrice Gautier

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