[ECOS] More question on GDB Stub for NECVR4373 board.

Ling Su lingsu@palmmicro.com
Wed Aug 2 20:01:00 GMT 2000

Thanks a lot! It is the Endian problem. The PMON is little endian and the
compiler produces big endian code.

Best Regards,

> > Hello, everyone,
> >
> > Since I met troubles to burn the gdbstub ROM for NECvr4373 board, I'd
> > to looking some help from the list. More specifically, I hope someone
> > help answer following questions, Thanks in advance!
> >
> > <1>. Has anyone successfully run eCos via the gdbstub on NECvr4373
board? I
> > knew Jifl did it, I'd like to query if anyone else succeed in doing
> We did and we're doing.
> >
> > <2>. I observed the PCI bus signal after I mounted  the gdbstub EPROM
that I
> > burned, there is no any active signal showing out there. Since the UART
> > on South bridge chip, it must be accessed via PCI bus, this mean
> > wrong with my gdbstub or my board. I doubt if my board doesn't work, or
> > least not fully functional. (But I am pretty sure the PMON comes along
> > the board works very well.) This is the reason I'd like to check if
> > else successd in burning the GDBSTUB except Jifl.
> Please notice the endianess problem. The PMON runs in little endian while
> default comipler settings of ecos is big endian (if you don't know what
> endianess is, read any MIPS books). You have to disconnect the jumper JP66
> the board to set the endianess to be big.  After you have done this, I
> you can connect to the gdb by your stub

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