[ECOS] webserver don't run on ecos : Program received signal SIGBUS, Bus error.

Guillermo GARCIA guga@teamlog.fr
Tue Aug 1 01:21:00 GMT 2000

hi all, i receive the following mail : It looks to me like this 
user is not using the correct Makefile.  I just = tried it here and 
everything works just fine.  Here are the steps I = took: 1. 
Unpack the 'tar', file. ok 2. cd .../ECOS (... is where I unpacked 
the files) ok 3. "edit" Makefile These lines need 
to be modified. There are two extant examples in the 
= file. ##PKG_INSTALL_DIR :=3D /work/net_mbx/install ok -> 
PKG_INSTALL_DIR :=3D /d/eCos2/conf_install ##COMMAND_PREFIX :=3D 
powerpc-eabi- ok -> COMMAND_PREFIX :=3D arm-elf- ##CFLAGS 
:=3D -mcpu=3D860 -msoft-float $(DEBUG) ok -> CFLAGS :=3D 
-mcpu=3Darm7tdmi -D__EDB7209 -D__EDB7212 $(DEBUG) 4. make The 
'make' output quoted below tells me the user is not using the ECOS = makefile 
since the -DECOS flag is not present. As for who to ask for additional 
assistance, the best way to get answers = is via the mailing list 'ecos-discuss@sourceware.cygnus.com' 
There are = many knowledgeable folks on this list, not just the eCos 
developers. = Chances are, you'll get a speedy response, with the added bonus 
that the = rest of the eCos community gets to benefit from the questions and 
= answers. i still have the error gcc -o webcomp -O2 -DWEBS 
-DUEMF -DOS=3D"Linux" -DLINUX -I.. ../webcomp.c In file 
included from 
from ../webcomp.c:21: ../uemf.h:194: redefinition of `struct 
timeval' ../webcomp.c: In function `compile': ../webcomp.c:121: warning: 
comparison of distinct pointer types lacks a cast make: *** [webcomp] 
Error 1 but it's easy to resolve it. i define this : #define 
WEBS_PAGE_ROM 1 in file wsIntrn.h. i have at last the binary for my 
cirrus logic board so with the red hat ecos configuration tool i 
run webs.exe and i have the output below : *** 09:43:51 Run 
started GNU gdb 20000314 Copyright 1998 Free Software Foundation, 
Inc. GDB is free software, covered by the GNU General Public License, and you 
are welcome to change it and/or distribute copies of it under certain 
conditions. Type "show copying" to see the conditions. There 
is absolutely no warranty for GDB.  Type "show warranty" for 
details. This GDB was configured as "--host=3Di686-pc-cygwin 
--target=3Darm-elf"... (gdb) set height 0 set height 0 (gdb) 
set remotedebug 0 set remotedebug 0 (gdb) set remotebaud 38400 set 
remotebaud 38400 (gdb) target remote com1 target remote com1 Remote 
debugging using com1 0xe0001750 in ?? () (gdb) load load Loading 
section .rom_vectors, size 0x60 lma 0x8000 Loading section .text, size 
0x3850c lma 0x8060 Loading section .rodata, size 0x41d9 lma 
0x4056c Loading section .data, size 0x103b78 lma 0x44748 Start address 
0x8060 , load size 1311421 Transfer rate: 27039 bits/sec, 305 
bytes/write. (gdb) break cyg_test_exit break cyg_test_exit Breakpoint 1 
at 0x33e18: file //C/PROGRA~1/REDHAT~1/eCos/packages/infra/v1_3_1/src/tcdiag.cxx , 
line 116. (gdb) break cyg_assert_fail break 
cyg_assert_fail Function "cyg_assert_fail" not defined. (gdb) 
break cyg_test_init break cyg_test_init Function "cyg_test_init" 
not defined. (gdb) cont cont Continuing. Init device 
'/dev/ttydiag' Init tty channel: 148218 Init device 
'/dev/haldiag' HAL/diag SERIAL init Network stack using 65536 bytes for 
65536 bytes for 
131072 bytes for mbuf clusters Init device 'edb7xxx' cs8900 init CS8900 
- type: 630E, rev: 800 CS8900 - status: D6 (no EEPROM present) BOOTP[eth0] 
op: REPLY        hw_type: 
Ethernet        hw_addr: 
FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF      client IP:          my IP:      server IP:     gateway IP:   
options:         subnet mask:        IP broadcast: [New thread 2] Program received signal SIGBUS, Bus 
error. [Switching to thread 2] 0xe274 in hashIndex (tp=3D0x1ff00c12, 
name=3D0x151849 "") at ../sym.c:430 430  return sum % 
tp->hash_size; (gdb) set cyg_test_is_simulator=3D0 set 
cyg_test_is_simulator=3D0 Address of symbol "cyg_test_is_simulator" 
is unknown. (gdb) cont cont Continuing. Program received signal 
SIGBUS, Bus error. 0xe0a4 in symEnter (sd=3D8, name=3D0x151834 
"/graphics/sidebar.gif", v=3D{value =3D 
{         flag =3D 76 'L', byteint =3D 76 
'L', shortint =3D 26444, percent =3D 76 
'L',=20         integer =3D 1337164, hex 
=3D 1337164, octal =3D 1337164, big =3D {1337164, 
0},=20         string =3D 0x14674c 
"|)\004", bytes =3D 0x14674c 
"|)\004",=20         errmsg =3D 
0x14674c "|)\004", symbol =3D 0x14674c}, type =3D 
integer,=20       valid =3D 1, allocated =3D 0}, 
arg=3D0) at ../sym.c:284 284  if ((sp =3D tp->hash_table[hindex]) 
!=3D NULL) { (gdb) *** 09:51:20 Run complete the error come from 
hAlloc that return -1. but i don't know why ? and that is why i have the 
"(113) No route to host". thanks for 
help. Guillermo.

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