[ECOS] How to execute a program on RAM......

고재용 BDTel@hitel.net
Sat Apr 29 12:25:00 GMT 2000


I am working with my board(similar with MBX(MPC860)).
Now, I'm successfully building GDB stubs ROM,  Application program ROM that consists of eCos kernel and my application programs.  Both work properly on my board,OK.

But, I should like to improve the performance of my application programs. I was trying to exceute program on RAM instead of ROM.

I changed files related memory map in order to positioning ROM region to last part RAM region.
After compile and linking, I adjust address of S-Record file for fusing to ROM.  and fused application program with booter which
I copy programs from ROM to RAM in startup. and jump to _exception_reset .

After power on, program copy was ok. and jumped to  _exception_reset routine correctly. but program was restarted repeatly.

ecos.ecc was same as application program ROM witch worked properly except memory map.

Is there something needed for executing program on RAM ?
Only download by GDB stubs ROM ?
could anyone help me ?

My board has 2MB of SRAM and 1MB Flash
I defined memory region for ROM Application
  ram start : 0x00000000  size: 0x200000
  rom start : 0xfe000000  size: 0x100000
and RAM Application
  ram start : 0x00000000  size: 0x180000
  rom start : 0x00180000  size: 0x080000

I am working with eCos 1.3.1 in Linux 6.1


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