[ECOS] debuging using gdb-stub

Jonathan Larmour jlarmour@redhat.co.uk
Sat Apr 29 09:07:00 GMT 2000

> yyl wrote:
> Hi I debug a program running on a pc target using i386-elf-gdb.The host
> platform is ecos1.3.1 on RedHat linux6.1,and the target is pc.
> In the beginning of the program,I inserted two functions:
>           set_debug_traps() breakpoint().
> Next I wanted to watch the value of a variant,but some commands I
> used all reported:no symbol file.
>      Thanks!

You don't need to add calls to the stub yourself if you want to include
stubs in your configuration. If you are using linux, then you do this by
editting the ecos.ecc file, finding the option
CYGDBG_HAL_DEBUG_GDB_INCLUDE_STUBS, uncommenting the "user_value" field and
setting it to 1. Similarly set CYGDBG_HAL_DEBUG_GDB_BREAK_SUPPORT to 1 and
CYGDBG_HAL_DEBUG_GDB_CTRLC_SUPPORT to 0. Doing an "ecosconfig check" should
report no errors. If so, then you can use "ecosconfig tree" and then
rebuild the eCos library with "make".

If you have difficulties, the documentation describes how changing
configuration options works in detail.

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