[ECOS] Which files to edit?

Ormund Williams ormundw@brainlink.com
Fri Apr 28 09:20:00 GMT 2000

Jesper Skov wrote:
> >hal_platform_setup.h:  Is this were I put the stuff that would have gone
> >into "PLATFORM.S", for example the code to put RAM at 0x0 and ROM at
> >0x400000?
> Uh, PLATFORM.S? Whichever, this is where you set the MMU mapping to
> whatever is required for your board.
The eCos Reference Manual refereed to PLATFORM.S but after studying the
vectors.S file I understand now.

> >mlt_arm_awt60_ram.h
> >mlt_arm_awt60_ram.ldi
> >mlt_arm_awt60_ram.mlt
> >mlt_arm_awt60_rom.h
> >mlt_arm_awt60_rom.ldi
> >mlt_arm_awt60_rom.mlt
> >The above files all claim to be "generated" how do I regenerate them?
> Using the Windows ConfigTool.
> For testing you can start by changing the .h and .ldi files which are
> the only ones used by the eCos runtime system. The format should be
> reasonably obvious.
I'm developing on Linux so I'll edit them manually.

> Delete the gdb_module file. It is not required.

Thanks for your help.  More questions to come.


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