[ECOS] Which files to edit?

Jesper Skov jskov@redhat.com
Fri Apr 28 00:25:00 GMT 2000

>Hi Jesper
>Thanks for a very reassuring answer, after running:
>	 ecosconfig new awt60 stubs
>	 ecosconfig tree
>	 make
>it generated a gdb_module.  This stub wouldn't work on my board because
>I have not yet edited to source files to match my hardware, and herein
>lies my next question.  Which files do I edit?
>hal_arm_awt60.cdl:  This file I think I have completed.
>hal_cache.h:  Unchanged
>hal_diag.h:  Unchanged
>hal_platform_ints.h:  Minor changes
>hal_platform_setup.h:  Is this were I put the stuff that would have gone
>into "PLATFORM.S", for example the code to put RAM at 0x0 and ROM at

Uh, PLATFORM.S? Whichever, this is where you set the MMU mapping to
whatever is required for your board.

>plf_stub.h:  Minor changes
>The above files all claim to be "generated" how do I regenerate them?

Using the Windows ConfigTool.

For testing you can start by changing the .h and .ldi files which are
the only ones used by the eCos runtime system. The format should be
reasonably obvious.

>awt60_misc.c:  Some changes
>gdb_module.c:  Minor changes

Delete the gdb_module file. It is not required.

>hal_diag.c:  Small changes to set correct baud rate for 25MHz clock.
>plf_stub.c:  Same as above.


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