[ECOS] serial connection

zhang lczhang@csrd.org
Thu Apr 27 01:19:00 GMT 2000

Hi,now I finished building the host platform of ecos 1.3.1 on 
redhat Linux ,and are about to set up the target. By the now I found 
gdb_module.img and gdb_module.bin at the directory install/bin. Using the 
command "dd",I copy the gdb_module.bin into a floppy,
then booting from that floppy,and  I only 
saw some odd character.
someone say that it is fine ,and I want to connect a serial connection to 
COM1 of the pc target ,what i want to ask is that whether the connection style 
is the same as the UNIX terminal or the MODEM?
    thanks a lot

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