[ECOS] booting from floppy about target=x86

yyl ylyuan@csrd.org
Thu Apr 27 00:25:00 GMT 2000

Hi I have finished building the host platform of ecos(1.3.1) 
on RedHat linux6.1 .Now I want to build a target on x86 booting 
from floppy£»How can I do next?  
   I have done something followed :
new pc stubs
  then I edited the ecos.ecc,modified 
  something else. Next:
ecosconfig resolve
ecosconfig tree
     By the now I found 
gdb_module.img and gdb_module.bin at the directory install/bin. Using the 
command "dd",I copy the gdb_module.bin into a floppy,
then booting from that floppy,but I only 
saw some odd character.

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