[ECOS] Porting to new ARM platform

Ormund Williams ormundw@brainlink.com
Tue Apr 25 20:18:00 GMT 2000


I was trying to define a new platform and could not find the files
"targets" and "packages" listed in the eCos Reference Manual, further
exploration reveled that these two files had been merged into
"ecos.db".  I tried editing "ecos.db" and creating a directory tree
under hal/arm/, on running "ecosconfig list" my new platform "awt60" was
listed, am I on the right track?  

My board uses the LH77790A the same chip that is on the AEB1 rev B, so I
copied the "aeb" platform files and renamed them awt60, I am now editing
the "hal_arm_awt60.cdl" file.  Before I go to far I wanted to know from
you eCos experts out there weather I'm going about this correctly?

I have an AEB1 board and have tried all the examples in the getting
started guide and everything has worked.  I had no problems building the
tool chain on Linux (RedHat 6.1), Insight though seems to "core dump"

My board has 2MB of DRAM and 2MB Flash, I need to burn a gdb stub into
the flash before I solder it to the board so I need to be sure that it
will work I don't want to have to remove the flash and resolder it,
socketing a 56 pin TSOP isn't practical.  Does the supplied aeb stub
depend on the software already burnt into the AEB ROM? or can it stand

TIA for your help.


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