[ECOS] Problem about the uitron test

Hugo 'NOx' Tyson hmt@cygnus.co.ukx
Tue Apr 25 05:30:00 GMT 2000

pyxue <root@t2-design.com> writes:
> Hi, I run several of the uItron tests provided by the ecos package, but I
> only get the result of " calling cyg_uitron_star". From the tests, I think
> that it is not right, it seems that the program doesn't run to the
> subroutine such as task1, task2.

Correct, that's not right.  But without more info, we can't really comment
on what the cause might be.

What platform are you using?  What is your configuration, or what have you
changed from the default configuration?  Have you changed the uITRON
configuration points associated with task initialization?

> How can I solve the problem? Thank you!

Does the target stop when you hit CTRL-C in the GDB console?  If so, you
should be able to find out what's going on.  It helps to use built-in stubs
(for most platforms) so that you have thread-aware debugging - so you can
use "info threads" to inspect the thread states.

	- Huge

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