[ECOS] Insight/gdb symbolic debug

Paul Kinzelman PaulK@isdcorp.com
Mon Apr 24 14:18:00 GMT 2000

Followup at the bottom...

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I'm using the latest 1.3.1 eCos (as of a couple of weeks ago)
and an arm edb7xxx evaluation board.

I was getting lcd_test and kbd_test to run and discovered that I had
to add some extra -I clauses in the Makefile - to point to some more
library header files. Am I missing something that I should have
done to make them compile cleanly as-is from the release?
Or are those files just out of date or something?

Secondly, I can compile a simple 'hello world' and as soon as I start
up Insight:
	arm-elf-gdb hello&
I get a window with the source code which is fine.

However, if I compile kbd_test, kbd_support, and lcd_support together
(I've modified them to make a quick 'type a key, see it on the screen'),
when I do:
	arm-elf-gdb kbd_test&
the window comes up without the source code, but the program
runs mostly as I'd expect (I can type a character and it displays
on the LCD.

The Makefiles are virtually identical (except for the program name).

The two test directories are both under the same directory.

I use the same Linux window to compile both programs.

Why does hello come up with source debug but the kbd_test doesn't?
The main difference I can see is that hello uses 'main' and
kbd_test creates a thread.

-Paul Kinzelman

I converted the hello.c to use cyg_start which calls cyg_thread_create
to start 'main_test' (the old 'main') and that doesn't display the
source either. So that's probably the problem area.

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