[ECOS] CDL parent target+options?

Andrew Lunn andrew.lunn@ascom.ch
Thu Apr 20 02:51:00 GMT 2000

> so both ROM and RAM images should be available at the same time.
> reconfiguring ecos and performing a full build is tedious and is really
> useless, since the rom image is in fact build from exactly the same object
> files but using a different link configuration.

The exactly the same onjects files is the key issue. The target im
using only recently used exactly the same object files. Before the
objects were different. A ROM app would initialise the SDRAM
controller where as a RAM app would not. You have to be carefull when
initialsing the SDRAM controller since it can corrupt the contents of
the RAM.

I belieave eCos was designed so the ROM and RAM apps could be
different. Maybe it could be possible for targets that don't use this
feature to build both ROM and RAM versions, but not for those that


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