[ECOS] CDL parent target+options?

Andrew Lunn andrew.lunn@ascom.ch
Wed Apr 19 00:30:00 GMT 2000

> well. Again, we feel that typical application developers will work
> with just one type of startup for most of the development cycle - this
> could be an incorrect assumption, and given sufficient evidence we
> would rethink the issue.

Maybe im not typical, but i want both a ROM image and a RAM image. We
have the software infrastructure in place that we can quickly put new
images into FLASH. I tend to do most of my debugging with apps in
FLASH. But when my app is too broken to allow software upgrade i have
to fall back to a RAM version of the code. Also i have more developers
than hardware so sometimes we TFTP boot rather than put code into the
FLASH so as not to disturb other peoples code. 

We worked around it not being easy to produce both a RAM and ROM
version by using a bootloader. The bootloader can either TFTP boot a
RAM image, copy a RAM image from FLASH into RAM, or give a GBD prompt
for good old fashioned serial cable download. That means i only need
RAM images, but at the expense of an extra 256K block of FLASH and
some wasted RAM which is used by the bootloader for its BSS and stack.


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