[ECOS] building something real

Paul Kinzelman PaulK@isdcorp.com
Mon Apr 17 08:50:00 GMT 2000

Could you please point me to something that describes how to build
something real? In other words, I've built all the tests, but haven't a
clue how to do something on my own or to use some of the packages.
Did I just miss the documentation for this?

For instance, the 'hello' application has only a 'main' routine. The
other tests seem to all have a 'cyg_user_start' which looks like
it's probably the entrypoint.

For instance, how would I create a simple eCos program to
watch for characters to be typed and just show them on the
screen? The EDB7xxx kbd_support.c, etc., seem to have
just their own entrypoints that some overall null process
must call or something. Dare I ask about a tcpip stack?

What am I missing?

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