[ECOS] i960 RM/RN Processor

Liviu Ionescu ilg@livius.net
Mon Apr 17 04:30:00 GMT 2000

> I've worked with this board in the passed and I have lots of code for:
> - PCI initialisation & support.
> - Libs for support of the different machines on the chip (bridge, ATU,
> Messaging unit, I2C.)
> - DMA supporting scatter-gather chains.
> - Flashing of flash. + Flash "Virtual Small Blocks"

great! can you make an archive with the code that you want to contribute to
the project and publish it on a public ftp server?

> Will you be using the Intel82558/9 NICS available for the
> RM/RN for Ethernet
> networking?


> but I'm afraid this will only be 7-8 month from now. Any body
> intrested in I20?

yes, although it is not for the first version.



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