[ECOS] i960 RM/RN Processor

Boaz Harrosh Boaz@Softov.co.il
Sun Apr 16 05:10:00 GMT 2000

I've worked with this board in the passed and I have lots of code for:
- PCI initialisation & support.
- Libs for support of the different machines on the chip (bridge, ATU,
Messaging unit, I2C.)
- DMA supporting scatter-gather chains.
- Flashing of flash. + Flash "Virtual Small Blocks"

I would like to help in any way I can with this port. We are currently
working on the StrongArm SA-IOP board (it is the EBSA-285 behind a P2P) but
Our final target is the Next generation IOP from Intel that is supposed to
be like the RM/RN only with a StrongArm core.
It could be very nice to have eCos run on the i960RM before the new chips
are available - to try for the target environment and peripherals. Since we
are very new to eCos. It looked like too big a job to attempt a new
architecture port by ourselves. But if you have the core ARC port with
supporting tool chain and configuration files, we want to contribute any
kind of work that could be done. Let us collaborate on this port. If you can
guide us, we will happily write any code needed for the finalizing of the

Will you be using the Intel82558/9 NICS available for the RM/RN for Ethernet

At the end of the Project we will also Contribute an I2O support for eCos
but I'm afraid this will only be 7-8 month from now. Any body intrested in

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> > >>>>> "Bill" == Bill Marcotte <bill@pentek.com> writes:
> >
> >     Bill> Has anyone ported ECOS to i960 RM/RN Processor Family?
> >     Bill> Has anyone ported ECOS to any of the i960 Family?
> >
> > I am not aware of any planned or existing ports to the i960
> > architecture at this time.
> >
> > Bart Veer // eCos net maintainer
> I am aware of a project to port it to i960RP. the preliminary version is
> expected to be ready in about 6-8 weeks. until now the efforts were
> on a synthetic FreeBSD port (almost functional) and on porting libgcj to
> eCos (first "Hello World" application is functional, more complete version
> expected next week).
> all ports will be publicly available as soon as functional versions will
> ready.
> regards,
> Liviu Ionescu

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