[ECOS] MPC860 GDB stub problem...

Jesper Skov jskov@redhat.com
Fri Apr 14 00:10:00 GMT 2000

>Actually, it looks like it's working fine to me.  When the board resets,
>with the GDB stubs in place, it will attempt to connect to a GDB client
>program.  You would run this on your host, using a serial connection
>to the target board.  You'll need to abandon using the "terminal" program
>(minicom, winterm, whatever) that you used to get the message above.
>Run the host-side GDB (e.g. on Linux)
>  $ powerpc-eabi-gdb 
>  (gdb) set remotebaud 38400
>  (gdb) tar rem /dev/ttyS0
>     -- at this point, the host side GDB communicates with the target (860)
>     -- the '+$T0540:fe005d90;01:00004664;#29' message above, then tells
>     -- the host program that a connection has been established
>  (gdb)

You may want to add
 (gdb) set remotedebug 1

before the 'tar rem' command above. Then you can see what GDB thinks
of the packet.


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