[ECOS] drivers?

Gary Thomas gthomas@redhat.com
Thu Apr 13 15:47:00 GMT 2000

On 13-Apr-00 Paul Kinzelman wrote:
> Are there any examples of drivers for things like keyboards and
> LCD displays for eCos someplace? File systems?
> I see how to access one serial port anyway, but what other
> IO drivers are available?

FOr the Cirrus Logic EDB72xx boards, you'll find some drivers/test
programs in the directory ".../hal/arm/edb72xxx/<VERSION>/misc"

We currently don't have any file systems native in eCos, so all I
can point you at are our partners that provide this.  We will be
developing file systems, etc, for eCos in the near future.  Of
course we would welcome any contributions in this area.

> I see that tcpip is in beta, any ideas about how stable it is
> especially for the Cirrus EDB7211 board?

The EDB7211 is one of the supported boards and it works quite well.
As you can see from other discussions on this list, it is still
new and there may be a few problems under load, but overall it is
[we hope] in a very usable state.

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