[ECOS] building tests

Travis Furrer furrer@engineer.com
Thu Apr 13 10:15:00 GMT 2000

Actually, I have always had this problem also (I have been
using the insight snapshots for several months now).  So I
just use the -nw option when I need to see the program's

Even if you pull up the console right away and do exactly
the same thing you would from the -nw version, the program
output does not appear there.  I am using the arm-elf
version, if that makes a difference.

> Paul Kinzelman wrote:
> >
> > Thanks very much Gary and Jonathan!
> > Using 'continue' works with -nw!
> > However, the View->Console sees only gdb output, not the
> > program output. How do I view the program output (which
> > I do get with the -nw version)?
> >
> > I can run, for instance, 'stress_threads', under -nw, and
> > I see a bunch of output from the program. But if I run it
> > under the gui, I see only download messages and breakpoint
> > messages.
> Are you sure you had the console window up *before* you started
> running the program?
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