[ECOS] building tests

Paul Kinzelman PaulK@isdcorp.com
Wed Apr 12 14:41:00 GMT 2000

I'm building on a Linux RH6.1 PC
arm-elf-gdb --version gives 20000314
gcc is 2.95.2

I downloaded/flashed the gdb stub (not cygmon).

I was able to make all the tests (for the Cirrus EDB7211 board) without
errors, but when I try to download one and run any test:
    arm-elf-gdb -nw <objname>
    load (shows it downloaded 4 sections OK, with start adr and size)
I get:
    The program being debugged has been started already
    Start it from the beginning? (y or n)
And if I say yes,  it says:
    Starting program: <objname>
    You can't do that without a process to debug

This happens also when I try to run 'thread_gdb' (one of the built tests).

But when I load/run the prebuilt 'thread_gdb.exe', it seems to run fine
(I get the OK printout) under gdb (not insight).

The 2 thread_gdb files are a different size, but a 'files xxxx' says the
same for both (ELF 32-bit LSB, ARM, verision 1, statically linked,
not stripped)

How do I get the built tests to run?

Second, I can't seem to run the prebuilt 'thread_gdb.exe' under insight:
     arm-elf-gdb thread_gdb.exe (without the '-nw')
I select the target, click on 'run' and it downloads properly (as far
as I can tell), and then just hangs with the little clock and a
'stop' sign instead of run forever.

If I start over, download, then look at registers, I see reasonable-looking
numbers in the various registers so insight would appear to be hooking
up to the gdb stub properly. But it doesn't seem to start/run.



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