[ECOS] build/config/run problems

Gary Thomas gthomas@redhat.com
Wed Apr 12 11:08:00 GMT 2000

On 12-Apr-00 Paul Kinzelman wrote:
>>You'll get this if you installed the CygMon monitor and not just the
>>GDB stubs.
>>BTW - I'd recommend using the simple stubs.  At this point, CygMon
>>doesn't gain you much on that hardware.
> I didn't really understand the difference between the 2
> and thought the cygmon might do more stuff for me. I
> didn't really see anything that described the difference.
> RU saying that I can use the GUI debug interface to put
> breakpoints, look at regs, etc., with just the gdb
> stub? I guess that makes sense. What do I lose with
> that board?
> -PaulK

Yes, the GDB stubs will get you complete remote control via GDB, either
the CLI or GUI versions.

The main difference, at this time, is that CygMon provides a CLI which
can be used without involving GDB.   For some, this is important.  For
those developing eCos applications and using GDB for debugging, it doesn't
matter at all.

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