[ECOS] New release of Cygwin

John Dallaway jld@redhat.com
Tue Apr 11 07:01:00 GMT 2000

Hi Anders,

You should wait for the forthcoming full release of Cygwin. It should be
announced and available for download in the next few days. The Cygwin
snapshots do not contain all the tools (such as native GCC) provided in
a full release.

John Dallaway


"Anders Holmberg (QMW)" <Anders.Holmberg@emw.ericsson.se> wrote in
> Hi,
> A question about the forthcoming full release of Cygwin that is needed
to build the eCos host tools and GNU development tools on my WinNT
machine. Is this version currently available (i.e. do I get the
necessary functionality if I download the latest snapshot or should I be
waiting for version B20.2 or B21.0 of Cygwin)?
> /Anders Holmberg

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