[ECOS] eCos Device Driver reorganization

Hugo 'NOx' Tyson hmt@cygnus.co.ukx
Mon Apr 10 11:30:00 GMT 2000

Hugo Tyson <hmt@cygnus.co.uk> (me, that is) writes:
> Folks, we're about to embark on a bit of a rearrangement of the
> eCos device driver tree, including serial devices, ethernet devices
> and the wallclock and watchdog.
> This will be done in the trunk of eCos development, and so it will
> show up in anoncvs soon after it's committed.  We expect that to be
> within the next couple of weeks.

> ...

> The purpose of the reorganization is to separate individual device
> drivers into proper eCos packages, so that they may be separately
> distributed.  For historical reasons and resource pressure, the
> overall device structure is currently somewhat ad hoc.  We also
> have the OpenBSD network stack going anoncvs real soon now and we
> want its ethernet device drivers to have the same useful property.

That work is now largely complete and committed in our internal eCos
development trunk.  We weren't forced to deviate from the plan other than
as described in my 2nd message, so it'll be much as described.

It will be visible externally when next the anoncvs tree is updated.

	- Huge

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