[ECOS] synthetic target

Jesper Skov jskov@redhat.com
Wed Apr 5 07:14:00 GMT 2000

>>>>> "Roman" == Roman  <RomanJordan@gmx.de> writes:

Roman> Hi, i want to build a sysnthetic i586 build. Therefor i used
Roman> 'pkgconf --target=i586 --platform=linux --startup =ram'. Then i
Roman> had to cahnge the resulting 'Makfile'. I deleted the prefixes
Roman> 'i686-linux-gnu-', so that it could run the 'make' process. It
Roman> runs without errors. But 'make tests' fails with 'unreconized
Roman> option --gcc-section'. If i delete this from option list i get
Roman> i link error by the KEEP and SORT options.  I use the gcc
Roman> version 2.95.1 for redhat -i586-linux. My binutils are version
Roman> 2.9.1 BFD

Binutils are not new enough. The requirements are documented on this


Roman>  At second i have a question about the
Roman> tools. Do i really need a special source for every target?

No, there are only two different source sets, and that's only for
GCC. So you'll need:

 binutils: recent sources
 gdb: recent sources
 gcc: 2.95.2 for some targets, newer sources for others.

It's all documented on the build instructions pages.


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