[ECOS] Q: PowerPC HAL '.vectors', ROM/RAM, etc.

Sergei Organov osv@javad.ru
Tue Apr 4 08:14:00 GMT 2000

Thanks for reference to an example.


Jesper Skov <jskov@redhat.com> writes:
> >>>>> "Sergei" == Sergei Organov <osv@javad.ru> writes:
> Sergei> Well, that's easy to do. However, in my case it is not
> Sergei> required to copy vectors - it's required to have '.vectors'
> Sergei> section and allocate it at 0xfff00000 by the linker. One
> Sergei> solution for this is to define new boolean CDL option, say,
> Sergei> CYGSEM_HAL_POWERPC_NEED_VECTORS, with default value
> Sergei> and change the condition in vectors.S to use it. The "sim"
> Sergei> target and my target then should somehow force the value to be
> Sergei> 'true' in its "ram" startup variant. I'm not sure I know how
> Sergei> to do the latter in CDL though. How do I do it?
> Without looking at the sources, this sounds OK.
> You want to look in the CDL writer's guide for interfaces. As an
> example see how the GDB_BREAK support is controlled.
> Jesper

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