[ECOS] File access under linux synthetic target

Jonathan Larmour jlarmour@redhat.co.uk
Mon Apr 3 06:29:00 GMT 2000

Andrew Over wrote:
> My goal is just to come up with a quick hack that'll let me get at the
> host file system using a few syscalls, but I figure I may as well do
> it in some way that might be useful to others :)

Cool, although we (Red Hat) are already making the first steps towards this
as part of our initiative to implement the EL/IX level 1 API
( http://sourceware.cygnus.com/elix ) in eCos. This will very much be an open
development, and once we get a few more details thrashed out, we would
encourage you to help out in any places you feel like. There'll be more of
this shortly!

Andrew Lunn wrote:
> File systems support is something that comes up quite often on the
> mail list, probably second to TCP/IP. Now that TCP/IP is in beta, i
> personally think this is the next thing RedHat should work on. Not the
> file systems themselves, but the generic part, libc down to the
> generic interface to the file system. I don't think they should work
> on specific filesystems since the requirements are so wide, FLASH,
> NFS, RAM Discs and even real drives. Let people contribute such file
> systems, or contract RedHat for a specific filesystem. Specifying the
> generic interface is the important thing or we will end up with lots
> of incompatible file systems.

That's exactly what the group here thinks too. In saying that, a RAM-based
FS or something would be a useful starting place as a proof of concept, and
for testing, if nothing else. But with the implementation of "full" CDL, we
now have the functionality available from the configuration system to
support proper plug-in filesystems cleanly.

More shortly...

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