[ECOS] mlt file creation

John Dallaway jld@redhat.com
Mon Apr 3 02:44:00 GMT 2000

Dear KASHIWAYA Haruki,

Memory layouts are stored in files with a '.mlt' file extension. These
files are manipulated by the Windows-hosted eCos Configuration Tool.
They are not intended to be edited manually and there is no way to edit
them under Linux at present. Therefore, in order to port eCos to a new
platform, it is necessary to use the Windows-hosted eCos Configuration
Tool to generate appropriate memory layout files (mlt_*.mlt). A platform
port is incomplete without these files.

Under Windows, the eCos Configuration Tool generates a memory layout
header file (mlt_*.h) and linker script fragment (mlt_*.ldi) from the
current memory layout data when the eCos configuration is saved. These
generated files are used in the eCos build process.

At present, Linux-hosted users must rely on pre-built memory layout
header files and linker script fragments which are provided alongside
the .mlt files with each platform HAL package. Such users may edit the
memory layout header files and linker script fragments manually as

I hope this helps,

John Dallaway


"KASHIWAYA Haruki" <kashiwaya@cygnus.co.jp> wrote in message

> I am checking the eCos1.3.1 sources for port to new SH board,
> and I am creating my target package file(.epk).
> Now I have a question.
> Memory layout informations are in include/pkgconf/mlt_*.* files.
> They are 3 files, mlt_*.ldi, mlt_*.mlt and mlt_*.h.
> I guess the master memory layout information file is .ldi.
> Is this right?
> If so, how should I create master .mlt and .h files for my package?

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