[ECOS] newbie

Lance Uyehara lance@nuvomedia.com
Fri Oct 29 17:07:00 GMT 1999


I'm in the evaluation stage of a project, and we're looking at ecos as a
potential kernel solution. I'm currently looking at the ecos configuration
tool and wondering if people are using this.

It seems to me like specifying arm pid or arm aeb (for example) is far too
restricting. Wouldn't we want something more like arm720T or arm7TDMI?
Because any project I develop won't be targeted to run on any development
board, but rather would be targeted to run on our actual product board.

So I guess my main question is are people using the configuration tool, or
using the repository with hand built makefiles, or is it some combination
of the two?

Lance Uyehara

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