[ECOS] ARM platform porting problem

Gary Thomas gthomas@cygnus.co.uk
Thu Oct 28 12:26:00 GMT 1999

On 28-Oct-99 Grant Edwards wrote:
> I'm trying to get eCOS running on a Samsung eval board, but the
> start-up machine code that gets loaded into RAM doesn't seem to match
> up with the any of the assembly language source files that I can
> find.
> Specifically, the code starting at reset_vector doesn't look right.
> I'd like to compare the machien code I see in memory with what the
> assembler thinks it generated.  I tried to get the assembler to
> generate a listing for vectors.S, but it won't show the machine
> code for the routine in question.
> The listing claims that reset_vector is at offset 0 in that file's
> text segment, but the listing dosen't show any machine code below
> 00b4:

Indeed, this does look like a bug in the assembler.

However, that aside, did you realize that "reset_vector" does not
actually show up at location 0x0 (relative to the start of your
program)?  There is additional information in the "vectors"
section which, depending on the version of 'vectors.S' you have,
take up anywhere from 0x44 to 0x60 bytes.  Perhaps this can help
clear your confusion.

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