[ECOS] Motorola MPC8xxFADS board and BDM

John Fisher jfisher@tns.neca.nec.com.au
Tue Oct 26 23:33:00 GMT 1999

I believe it should be possible to get eCos going on this board using the
BDM debug port and the Macraigor wiggler and without using an externally
burnt flash or the gdb stub or MPC8BUG and the ADI card.

I'm thinking along the lines of using a gdb script to get things going,
starting with

target ocd wiggler lpt1

then configuring the memory controller sufficiently to get to the point
where I can download eCos + application and then let it rip.

Am I thinking along plausible lines? If so has anyone already done this? If
not any advice along the lines of what needs to be done would be

I'm thinking I'll need to at least write the gdb script and modify one of
the existing platform ports (not sure which one is best) to suit the
situation. I could also perhaps start with the Motorola example startup

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